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The Red House


If you’ve ever daydreamed about living in New Zealand, here’s a house to give fuel to your flights of fancy. Designed by Auckland-based architecture firm Crosson the aptly named Red House is a geometric study in corrugated tin and glass. Set in a patch of New Zealand bush surrounded by native trees, the giant cube looks otherworldly, yet right at home.

At the entrance, a wooden boardwalk acts as a transition from the natural world to the modern — even projecting out over the forest in a floating balcony. Inside, an open concept floorplan makes the most of the stacked level house and high ceilings. Giant windows and skylights remind you that you’re living among the trees — with wood walls, wood floors, and wood built-ins giving the feeling of actually living inside a tree.

It’s a two bedroom home, complete with studio space and a glass-enclosed top floor that leads to the rooftop deck. If you’re gonna daydream about a Kiwi lifestyle, do it right.


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