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The McLaren Senna


It’s street legal. Though driving this on city streets is akin to bringing a tank to a knife fight. Hand-assembled in England at McLaren’s Production Centre in Surrey, the Senna is firmly focused on the track. A 4-liter twin turbocharged V8 boasts 789 brake horsepower with 590 foot pounds of torque, making it their most powerful road car ever. All that power is in no way weighed down by the body. With a carbon fiber chassis and carbon fiber body panels, the Senna has a curb weight of under 2.5k pounds.

A car with that much power and that little weight would sail off into the stratosphere if the aerodynamics were off. Rest assured, they are very much on. Splitter in front, double diffuser in back and functional air intakes and vents flowing down both sides keep the Senna pressed to the track and ready to corner. Want one? You’ll have to work out a deal with one of the 500 McLaren customers who’ve already claimed them. Just don’t suggest you’ll race them for it. – Learn more at McLaren.

The McLaren Senna


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