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Relwen Lightweight Flex Chinos



Perhaps as you read this you’re wearing — or wishing you were wearing — a dependable, tough, rugged Relwen jacket. Why not add to that ensemble with the Relwen Lightweight Flex Chinos, might be another thought. It’s one that we can’t recommend enough, because when Relwen puts its stamp of approval on something, you can be sure the results are stylish, functional and utilitarian.

The Lightweight Flex Chinos fall under that umbrella with ease, made from a breathable cotton-spandex blend in a slim fit that’s made for movement. They could be the perfect travel pants for spring and summer, but we’ll leave it up to you to make that assessment.

Even the gusseted crotch aids in ease of movement — these are pants you could wear out of town on a spring hike, and then back into the city without missing a beat. Plus, we love the Lawn Green color for a bit of seasonal style (try it with a white slub tee, an indigo denim shirt & tan suede chukkas).


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