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Puma Fi Self-Lacing Smart Shoe


Your smartphone does everything but tie your shoes. Except for maybe now it does that too. Puma’s new Fit Intelligence (Fi) shoe includes a micro motor that powers a self-lacing cable system to do what a long string and your primitive fingers once did. Fit and adjustment can be fine tuned via your phone or Apple Watch. But not to worry, you don’t have to go track down your phone every time you put on your shoes — the Fi lacing system can also be activated by swiping up or down on the module.

Intended for light running and workouts, Fi’s automated performance feels like something out of the future, and technically it is. The shoes will be available in 2020 but until then, they’re asking the tech-savvy among you to beta test the shoe and report back on the design, engineering, and usability. Sign up through Puma’s training app, PUMATRAC and be part of the automated future.


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