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Lenovo Smart Clock


You’ve got smart lights, a smart thermostat, and a smart home security system.  What’s next?  A smart clock, of course.  If you’re hesitant to jump in the deep end of tech dependence with a Google Home, start by dipping your toes in the calming waters of digital voice assistance with the Lenovo Smart Clock, which is ostensibly a Google Assistant device posing as your average bedside alarm clock.

Voice and touch controls make it easy to check the time, the weather, or your news feed or turn on your favorite music station.  No surprises there.  What will delight users are the features designed to facilitate restful slumber and refreshed waking.  Set your routines and the clock will auto dim lights for sleep.  In the morning, it will gradually brighten and increase volume to gently rouse you from slumber.


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