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Jack Mason Solar Field Watch Kit


If your wrist is barren right now — as in, you’re not wearing a stylish watch — let’s change that ASAP. The recently launched Jack Mason Solar Watch Box Set can help you solve that style conundrum easily and quickly, and in a way that no other watch on the market can. That is to say, Jack Mason is innovating here with a solar-powered watch that just so happens to feature a sustainable cork band — suffice to say, it’s one of the coolest watches we’ve ever seen.

The box set itself is wrapped in recycled paper, and it contains unexpected, handy everyday carry essentials, including pencils made from recycled newsprint (yes, you read that right), plus an all-weather notebook. Taken all together, it’s the highly sustainable, highly stylish, ultra-rugged and versatile watch you need on your wrist right now.

There’s simply no other watch — or watch box set — that blends all these attributes into one package, so it’s worth the extra investment. Plus, your purchase helps Forest International’s conservation efforts — it’s all good.


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