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Fireside Pop-Up Fire Pit


There are certain essentials you simply have to pack each time you hit the road — that goes for camping gear picks as surely as it does for your durable backpack and tough hiking boots. Something you might not think about quite as quickly? How to stay warm — and it goes beyond starting up a fire with kindling and some flint. To upgrade your camping experience in a hurry, without losing any of the authentic outdoor experience you know and love, consider the Fireside Pop-Up Fire Pit.

The frame and base is packable, and it holds up to 125 pounds of firewood. And for camping trips that take place on the go every weekend, it can cool down and pack in just a matter of minutes — saving you crucial time on the trail. Did we mention it’s rust-proof and it weighs in itself at only eight pounds? Believe it. There’s really no better way to get your next camping adventure started than with the compact Fireside Pop-Up Fire Pit, we guarantee it.


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