Home Tech Cubit



Home improvement isn’t just something you watch on TV (pun intended) or see in informercials anymore — no sir, it’s time to get to work on all manner of projects with just a few simple tools. Well, you might end up needing a full toolbox, but at least to start things out on the right foot, there’s Cubit, being billed as the DIY home design and home improvement device.

You don’t have anything even close to this in your back shed, we guarantee it. In short, you can use Cubit to measure, plot and plan out your space, then bring those dreams to life in the real world — what you’ve planned out can actually become reality by incorporating real-life photos into a visual design.

So, you can add, change or move features in your actual space, creating a plot within Cubit that then syncs up via Bluetooth in real-time. And forgot about finnagling a pesky tape measure into tight spaces — the Cubit from Plott uses a laser distance system up to 100 feet. It’s really unlike anything we’ve ever seen, and we think your home projects are about to become that much more efficient — and successful.


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