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A half a billion people visit Apple’s App Store every week and most people who buy games on the platform go for the free ones (supported by ads or microtransactions as you play). Apple’s new subscription service, Apple Arcade, will eliminate ads as well as in-app purchases and while technically, the games won’t be free, Apple’s banking on the hope that a relatively painless, and automatic, payment each month will make the games *feel* free.

Once it launches in Fall 2019, you’ll access the service through a tab within the App Store and all games will be all-you-can-play and accessible on iPhones, iPads, Macs and Apple TVs. You’ll have the ability to stop a game on one device and pick it up on another and you can download games to play offline. To start, they’re offering a hundred brand new games, curated and developed with game studios like Konami, SEGA, Annapurna Interactive, and LEGO, and will continue to work with developers to bring in more.

It’s a family-friendly service, and all subscriptions will include family sharing, giving up to six people access to the Arcade. And while there’s no hard date, or a price released yet, it’s a good bet some portion of those half billion people are going to jump on board the day it comes out.


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